Open letter to BBC apropos Frozen Planet:

[ 2012-02-28 , Anders Lindahl]

Another month, another awe-inspiring BBC show about our beloved Earth hits the domestic shelves. What's not to like? Well, depends on what you're into, I guess ... and in whose company you are watching.

Yes, we get it: life is struggle. Now please let us see at least one little critter who is not running for his life or being torn to pieces. Because life, as you brilliantly but all too briefly showcase, can also be more than struggle. The scenery in Frozen Planet is even more stunning than in your previous Earth productions, impossible as it may sound. I especially enjoyed those azur-blue pools of water in Greenland.

But for every animal you show who has the temerity to grace these lovely vistas, you just have to show its worst enemy in action.
'Oh, such lovely penguins! But wait, what's that shadow in the water?'
'Oh, just look at the seals! Yeah, and check out those orcas!'
'A herd of bison! And - lo and behold - a pack of wolves ...'
'Well, at least polar bears have no natural enemies... Except for each-fricking-other!'

Here's a novel thought. Put all this delightful carnage as bonus material.

Or make use of the Blu-ray technology to provide a "gore-less viewing mode".

That way I won't have to fast-forward through... well, most of an episode in order not to traumatise my nature-loving four-year-old for life.



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